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Lesson 6: Odds and Ends

Well you've more or less seen it all. But a couple of things still remain . . .

1: Loading Other Objects!

By now you'll be totally bored with the teapot. Luckily, Warp supports other objects. First you'll need to visit the Download page to download some models. Once you've unzipped these onto your computer, simply click on the big yellow button in the middle of the console. This will bring up a box that will allow you to load the new objects. May I recommend the lattices, as they make visualising special relativity a lot easier. Most of the objects are great fun, for example I bet you've never seen the Eiffel tower like this:

effiel tower special relativity

2: Keyboard short cuts.

You might be overawed with all the keyboard shortcuts used by Warp, but don't worry! Simply press F1 to bring up a little help box to remind yourself of all the keys! Hurrah! Or you can look at the next lesson for a quick summary.

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