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Welcome to what constitutes the manual of Warp. After working you way through these lessons you should be able to use Warp to gain a deeper understanding of special relativity. Enjoy!

Lesson 0: An introduction to special relativity

Lesson 1: Changing the View

Lesson 2: Experiments At High Speed!

Lesson 3: Lorentz Transforms Explained

Lesson 4: All the Colours of the Rainbow - The Doppler Effect

Lesson 5: Bright Lights - The Headlight Effect

Lesson 6: Odds and Ends

Lesson 7: Summary

The Lessons are now also available as a Microsoft Word Document for printing. Download Here.

Here's some extra stuff that might be of use to someone:

A digression: The derivation of E=mc2.

Another digression: The so-called Twin Paradox.

A short Powerpoint Presentation about Special Relativity